Reunion Aug 3 - Aug 6 2017

Duluth 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s reunion.   Our overriding goal for the reunion was to make sure our Vets had a wonderful time.  We wanted them to have the opportunity to connect and share their lives -  we hope that we achieved that for you.

To every Vet that attended – thank you because you mean so much to every other vet.  Together you are strong and you provide so much support to each other.  Together you can talk about the memories and share with those who understand.  Together you can remember with love those who are no longer with us. 

To the Vets who couldn’t attend this reunion we greatly missed you and hope that you will attend the next one.  Each of you is important to each other. 

To the spouses who faithfully come along to these reunions – thank you for supporting your husbands and making these reunions even more enjoyable.  To those spouses who did not attend - thank you for supporting your husbands as they joined us.

To the children and grandchildren – you can’t imagine the difference you make when you come to these reunions.  Your presence reminds our vets that they served our country to make a better place for you.  Watching you at the reunions lets them know that their stories and sacrifices are not forgotten and will be carried on to the next generation.  A special thanks to our sweet Kelly for breaking the way for adult children to attend – before that it was only the young kids who came, the ones we were afraid to leave home alone :) Kelly you made us realize the value of sharing these reunions with our families and we thank you.

To all, thank you again, it was an honor to host the reunion this year and we felt blessed by all who attended.

Charlie, Joann, Emily, Eddie & Nancy